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About National Day of B&H


About National Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina should talk more and remind of its importance National Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ZAVNOBiH) confirmed the statehood of Bosnia and Herzegovina in its nineteenth-century boundaries, which are among the oldest borders in Europe. Therefore, today’s generation is a major debtor of our ancestors […]


Srebrenica Project for the 27th I. R. D, 2017.


“Take part of the International Expert Team of the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada will be an honour for me and I thank you very much for inviting me to take part in. As a visual artist I try to join art with activism, working in the themes of historic memory and human rights, […]


Urbicide – Destruction of the Old Bridge


On the occasion of the anniversary of one of the most difficult events in the 20th century – destruction of the Old Bridge in Mostar The destruction of the Old Bridge was a direct hit on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s freedom, independence, statehood, integrity, political subjectivity. The destruction of the Old Bridge is the highlight of […]


Genocide in Bosnia in the Canadian movie


After the Holocaust, repeated genocide happen again in Bosnia and Herzegovina. UN that have arisen on the basis of the needs of Holocaust Remembrance, not only didn’t enforce the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide, they are allowed that under their flag and their “protection” occurs the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In […]


Letter of prominent intellectuals, academics…


  Letter of prominent intellectuals, academics, researchers, activists, human rights and freedoms When the Dayton Peace Accords officially recognized the entity of Republika Srpska in 1995, it was, tragically, a reward for a successful genocide. Moreover, as Republika Srpska was incorporated into Annex IV of the Dayton Accords–the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina–the legitimation of […]


Professor Sanja Softić – Cataloue of Silence


Tanja Softić is a member of the International Expert Team of the Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada Tanja Softic´ was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (former Yugoslavia) in 1966. She holds an undergraduate degree in panting at the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Sarajevo and graduate degree in printmaking at […]


Letter for Mr. Mujica


Mr. Mujica, we respectfully ask you, as a person who has dedicated his life to the struggle for justice, to renounce and return your award. Further, we invite you to visit Višegrad, and to accompany us to the Pionirska Street house, the Bikavac site and to the Stražište cemetery, in order to pay your respects […]


Letter to Canadian Prime Minister


Office of the Prime Minister 80 Wellington Street Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2 Fax: 613-941-6900 Dear Prime Minster Justin Trudeau, The Ninth of January 1992, contrary to the then applicable domestic and international law the decision is unlawful and illegal towards the will of the majority of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, more than half […]


Our voice for smile of Syrian children


Our voice for smile and peaceful sleep of Syrian children The Syrian conflict began with peaceful protests against President Bashar al-Assad in March 2011, but quickly evolved into a civil war which has lasted for more than five years. Five-year war caused the 2.4 million children in exile. About 14 million children in Syria have […]


Genocide in the Prijedor camps


All the crimes were committed in the concentration camps in Prijedor verifies and confirms that this is the crime of genocide The Serbian aggressor in line with the Serbian political project “all Serbs in one state”, with its aggressive and genocidal character, in Prijedor systematically separated dozens, hundreds and thousands and hundreds of thousands of […]

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