Boyle’s statement of the intention


For today’s day 21 years ago professor Francis Boyle has released the following statement: STATEMENT OF INTENTION BY THE REPUBLIC OF BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA TO INSTITUTE LEGAL PROCEEDINGS AGAINST THE UNITED KINGDOM BEFORE THE INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE 15 November, 1993. Today, the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina hereby states our solemn intention to institute […]


The whole world saw


The whole world saw Oratorio “Srebrenica lamentoso” which was composed by maestro Emir Nuhanovic, a member of the International expert Team of the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada for the upcoming twentieth anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide reminds all of us that the memory of the greatest crime after the Holocaust in Europe, the […]


Exploring the Mind of Radovan Karadzic


Exploring the Mind of Radovan Karadzic A new biography says the former Bosnian Serb leader was no madman but a calculating killer who knew exactly what he was doing. “A bully with a brilliant mind, a sharp tongue, and great dexterity in exercising his impressive skills of persuasion.” This is Radovan Karadzic as seen by […]


The UN betrayed B&H


On the occasion of 24 October, The UN Day – UN betrayed B&H On the UN Day Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada once again reminds the public worldwide that the UN betrayed Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although Bosnia and Herzegovina has been recognised by the UN and the international community as an independent and sovereign […]


On Croatian TV about Dejan Jovic


Dejan Jovic has been sacked as Croatian President Josipovic’s advisor after claiming that Croatia’s independence referendum lacked democratic legitimacy. The great Professor Ivo Banac, my PhD supervisor, gives his thoughts on Croatian TV. With an intervention also by my friend and colleague, Professor Emir Ramic of the Institute For Research Of Genocide Canada (IGC). The discussion touches also […]


IGC received letter from Canadian Government


October 06, 2014. Canadian response to Dodik’s denial of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosniaks and Bosnian language. Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada received a reply to his letter of the Government of Canada about threats to human rights and freedoms in a smaller BiH entity In a letter of the Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada […]


Continuing the fight for truth in B&H


CONTINUING THE FIGHT FOR TRUTH AND JUSTICE IN BOSNIA For the past several years, Philosophy Professor David Pettigrew has been researching and writing about the genocide that took place during the Bosnian War in the 1990s, focusing particularly on the widespread and systematic efforts to exclude Bosnian Muslims from their former homes. Through his writing, […]


Letter of appreciation to Brian Masse


Open Letter of support and appreciation to Member of the Canadian Parliament Mr. Brian Masse More: Open letter of support and appreciation to member of the Canadian Parliament Hon. Brian Masse


Witness from Hell


  Witness from Hell:To testify against Karadzic (by Robert Leonard Rope, Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada) After stumbling upon the following nightmarish testimony on the web in 2003, I contacted the Dutch journalist, Henny Korver, who assured me of its credibility. Following many months of calls and emails, I discovered that Ramiz had recently […]


The Canadian Museum for Human Rights


  All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights Standing on guard for the rights of global citizens The Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) is the first museum solely dedicated to the evolution, celebration and future of human rights. It aim is to build not only a national hub for […]

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