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A coalition of individuals and organizations supporting Bosnia & Herzegovina (Bosnia) across North America came together and drafted a letter that we need to share with as many North American lawmakers as possible. The letter stresses the importance of placing meaningful and comprehensive constitutional reform in Bosnia at the center of North American policy in the region. Bosnia is in critical need of citizen activism across North America and only united can we make a difference!
If you live in Canada and would like to make a difference, here is how you can take action today:
1. Reach out to us at: and get a copy of the letter and associated “Media Package.
2. Send the letter to your member of the Canadian Parliament. You can find your member of Parliament by clicking HERE and your member of the Senate by clicking HERE
3. Share this initiative on your social media platforms by sharing this post!
Thank you for taking action to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bosnia & Herzegovina by putting human rights and democracy first!
A proposal for a letter that you can send to your member of the Canadian Parliament