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ACTION ALERT: B&H a historic fact

Bosnia and Herzegovina has been a region of encounter of different civilizations and cultures, which affected and left the trace on its political, social, and cultural development. All the available documents confirm the fact that Bosnia as a state, its people, territory, and borders have had a long historic and state-legal continuity. Around the mid 10th century, there was a state around the source and the upper flow of the Bosna river and surrounding areas known as Bosnia and its people known as Bosnians.

History as an objective science has found that no later than in the 10th century, there was a state of Bosnia as a politically independent state, which was under no influence of any other neighboring country, and as such, it continued functioning in the course of next 500 years. This fact has been the best confirmed by historic records speaking that numerous aggressive attacks were organized against Bosnia and its autochthon church, with the aim to occupy Bosnia and by force impose Christianity. Rome (Vatican) organized numerous interventions to eradicate the heretics of the Church of Bosnia, which was the ruling most influential spiritual institution in the medieval Bosnian state, accused by Vatican of heresies and alleged rebellion from the Catholic Church. The teaching of the Church of Bosnia, structured as part of Bosnian identity and a holder of the idea of independence, was a spiritual resistance against Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy, and a cause for ample crusade wars against Bosnia.

Prof. dr. Smail Cekic – B&H a historic fact

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