Call to Action for the Canadian Government

Call to Action for the Canadian Government to help Halt Genocide in Myanmar

We the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada are urging civil society in Canada that if you care for your fellow human beings what you care for yourselves then urgently request your Member of Parliament to send the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) to assist in preventing further genocide of the Rohingya community in Myanmar (1). We reason if the CAF can send its forces to the Caribbean to help provide relief for victims of Hurricane Irma (which it is doing right now) then there is all the more reason to send the CAF to help stop genocide of an entire people.

  1. “…the State of Myanmar is guilty of the crime of genocide against the Rohingya group. Moreover, that genocide against the Rohingya is now taking place with ongoing acts of genocide and the possibility the casualties of that genocide could be even higher in the future if nothing is done to stop it.

Verdict reached by The Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal [full report can be read here