Evening with IGC

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Evening with the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada

Institute for Research of Genocide Canada calls on all friends and supporters for the evening with the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada
October 31, 2015 at 7:00 pm
739 Brown’s Line, Slovenian Hall, Toronto
Admission: $ 15
Speech by Prof. Emir Ramic
Presentation of past and future activities IGK
In the following program:
Orchestra: “Zute Dunje”
Folk group “Merak”
There will be traditional kebabs, pastries, coffee and juices.

 As long as they deny the genocide we will beat them with the scientific and judicial truth. Without the knowledge of the past, we have no place in the future. Barbarians can kill people and destroy property, but cannot destroy the idea of Bosnia and Bosnian Spirit

Institute For Research of Genocide Canada (IGC) is a public scientific institution engaged in analysis of crimes against peace, crime of genocide, and other grave breaches of international law from the historical, legal, sociological, criminology, economic, demographic, psychological, political, cultural, medical, environmental, and other aspects of relevance for the complete research of crimes.

The main strategic tasks that have been realized:

  1. Scientific research of planning, preparation, commencement, and conducting the aggressor war or the war which violates international covenants, agreements, guarantees or participation in a common plan or conspiracy in perpetration of one of the cited actions.
  2. Scientific research of planning violation of war laws and customs of war.
  3. Scientific research of planning genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes against civilians; war crimes against the injured or ill persons; war crimes against prisoner of war; organizing of groups to incite the commission of crime of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.
  4. Canada recognized the Bosnian language.
  5. Canada established the usage of the national name Bosniak for the purpose of Canadian statistical data.
  6. The Canadian parliament adopted two resolutions on the genocide in Srebrenica and in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  7. The worldwide White Armband Day is adequately observed in Canada.
  8. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights maintain a permanent exhibition on the genocide that took place in Srebrenica and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
  9. The genocide in Srebrenica and Bosnia-Herzegovina be subjects that are taught in Canadian schools.
  10. Condemn hate speech and genocide denial in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world.
  11. Permanent strategic task that Canadian societies recognizes the danger of hate speech and adequately protect minorities from the escalation of hatred and discrimination.
  12. Supports representatives whose policies will have a positive impact on the Bosniak community of Canada, and on Bosnia and Herzegovina as well.

The main strategic objectives to be realized in the future by IGC:

  1. Continuous struggle using scientific research facts for the truth about the aggression and genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world.
  2. Continuous fight using scientific research facts for justice for victims of crimes of aggression and genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world.
  3. Activities for the adoption of legislation in the Canadian Parliament, which will regulate the rights of the victims of aggression and genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina living in Canada.
  4. The activities of the Audit Claims Bosnia against Serbia for genocide before the International Court of Justice
  5. Publishing in the field of genocide studies.

When you support the Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada, you not only honor the memory of the victims, but also help combat hate, Holocaust denial, and genocide. The Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada reaches many people each year with the history and the lessons of the Holocaust and genocide. But we can’t do it without you. The Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada relies on contributions to make possible our critical educational initiatives and programs that confront hatred, prevent genocide, and promote human dignity.

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