IGC – Open letter to Vuk Jeremic

IGC – Open letter to Vuk Jeremic

12. O4. 2021
IGC – Open letter to Vuk Jeremic

An open letter, even if it is addressed to the famous denier of the genocide in Srebrenica, Vuk Jeremic, is a public message to the world public on the continuity of genocide denial through the implementation of Memorandum II of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. The paid denier of the genocide in Srebrenica and the diplomatic implementer of the great nationalist Serbian policy, Vuk Jeremic, is trying unsuccessfully to diminish the definitive victory of the truth about the genocide in Srebrenica with a new anti-civilization denial of the genocide in Srebrenica.
The Center for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development (whose president is Vuk Jeremic, leader of the People’s Party), in cooperation with the Faculty of Law in Nis, organized an online discussion “In the Name of Justice”. In addition to Jeremic, Alan Dersovic, a Harvard law professor and a well-known American lawyer who defended war criminal Momcilo Krajisnik in The Hague, also took part in the discussion. The discussants referred to the Hague Tribunal, presumably in the name of some justice, which should suggest the title of this deeply intelligent conversation. Jeremic said that “the decision by which the International Court of Justice determined the Srebrenica massacre as genocide was one of the most controversial”, and that “there is a fierce debate in Serbia on that topic, and with very good reason”.

The reason for this so-called debate is the final victory of the truth about the genocide in Srebrenica, a truth that through the Oscar candidate, the film, “Where Are You Going Aida”, together with the already established judicial and political truth completes the world-historical truth about the greatest crime after the Holocaust in Europe, genocide in Srebrenica

A few years ago, the Genocide Research Institute of Canada sent a protest letter to the ambassadors of the Security Council and the United Nations General Assembly regarding Vuk Jeremic’s candidacy for UN Secretary General. A denier of the Srebrenica genocide, Jeremic brutally and shamefully expelled Mother Srenrenica from the UN headquarters during a speech by Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic during a public debate on the work of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. Jeremic is also responsible for the scandalous performance of the Serbian nationalist song “March on the Drina”, which is a symbol of extreme Serbian nationalism and was actively used by fascists and Nazi associates led by Draza Mihailovic as a motivation to commit war crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina during World War II. . The same song was played during the aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina and the genocide of its citizens by Serbian aggressors while raping, destroying, expelling, and ruthlessly killing primarily Bosniak civilians in cities and concentration camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992 to 1995. was banned by the former authorities for inciting ethnic hatred, and even the Serbian parliament officially rejected it as an anthem because of its provocative text and history. At the request of the Genocide Research Institute of Canada and several other organizations, UN Secretary General Ban Ki apologized on January 17, 2013, expressing regret over the pain that this incident caused to the victims and witnesses of the aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina and genocide against its citizens. The Secretary General admitted that this song should not have been in the official program, and that he was not aware of its historical context.

Denial of the Srebrenica genocide is regularly accompanied by systematic discrimination and dehumanization of victims in the present. In order to know how to talk about the present, we need to know the judicial, political and artistic truth about the genocide in Srebrenica.

Jeremic’s continuous contribution to the culture of oblivion in the name of erasing the culture of remembrance, anti-civilization and dehumanizing attempts to revise historical, judicial, political and artistic truths about the genocide in Srebrenica with the aim of equating victims and aggressors, distances the Serbian people from catharsis. and international law, which is an excellent fuel for the continuous action of extreme Serbian nationalist practices and ideas on the path of a Greater Serbia.

We are telling the genocide denier Jeremic that he has no decision, only both international world courts have final judgments. The genocide in Srebrenica is definitely not a matter of the opinion of the Serbian nationalist Vuk Jeremic, it is a judicial, historical, political and now artistic truth, that is, a historical fact recognized by the world.

Institute For The Research of Genocide Canada