Letter of Bakira Hasecic to Chief Prosecutor

MR. Serge Bramertz, ICTY Chief Prosecutor
Dear Prosecutor:

We cannot believe that the prosecutor in the case against Jelena Rasic had so easily conceded in the argument and easily gave up fighting for our rights. We the victims, expect you to appeal the verdict. We consider that not appealing this injustice would be the greatest insult to the victims of rape, crime against humanity. We strongly demand that within the appeal the special committee to be formed to determine health status of Jelena Rašić. We, the victims are expressing our doubts about the intentions and expertise of dr.VERA PETROVIC about whom the media from the region wrote a series of texts and  findings of evidence which proves that she works in favor of the accused Serbs, and that she gives them instructions on how to behave in the ICTY in order to avoid liability. If you want we will send you all the texts and findings against Dr. Vera Petrovic argument.

Dear Prosecutor,

We are frightened after witnessing such a judgment because we are afraid that the key organizers of bribery are not apprehended and prosecuted. We demand that you continue the investigation independently and in cooperation with the prosecution. WE are sure that you are aware that there are ongoing proceedings in the court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. On several occasions, we have inform you that in case of Momir Savic briberies have been used, and it is proven that is a person from the area in which Jelena Rašić and her group acted. We are really frightened to testify at the ICTY as well as in the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, if this is not prosecuted and punished accordingly. We will also send you a letter that we sent to Mr.Meron, president of the ICTY.

Bakira Hasecic,
President of Association Women Victims of War
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina