The Urgent Appeal by International Law Experts


August 08, 2014.
The Urgent Appeal by International Law Experts Regarding Serious Violations of International Humanitarian Law in Gaza
Acknowledging the longstanding commitment of the international community to peace and security, and to the protection of basic human rights and freedoms of every individual, regardless of his or her nationality, ethnic, or religious affiliation, it is imperative that the world recognize that massive human rights violations and monstrous atrocities are taking place in the territory of Gaza, particularly against women and children, and against civilians in general. These human rights violations and atrocities must cease immediately.

Unfortunately, destructive activities such as wars, killing, violence and other forms of inhuman treatment in relation to individuals or groups have become all too common in our world. Numerous international legal documents that should guarantee the protection of persons as individuals and as members of a given human group do not provide the expected results. Tragically, the international community has been unable to respond effectively to genocide, or to crimes against humanity, even though those crimes have been repeated in different geographic locations, and in even more predictable and devastating forms.

Clearly, the brutal violence, murders, and other forms of destructive action directed against defenseless women and children are not the reasonable way to resolve certain issues within a state or between states.

At the present time, the horrific crimes being committed in Gaza against Palestinian civilians call for an immediate and vigorous response to stop the atrocities, atrocities that we believe can be identified and prosecuted as genocide and as crimes against humanity under international law. In addition, we would like to point out that failing to act at this time so as to not prevent such crimes could be seen as complicity in the very crimes being committed.

It has not escaped our attention, moreover, that the disproportionate use of force in Gaza is often directed against facilities that have no military significance (e.g. schools, hospitals, and United Nations facilities). This strategy of targeting civilians, particularly those seeking refuge in recognized shelters, must stop.

We sincerely believe and hope that the international community has a willingness and commitment to act so as to stop further destruction and murder of innocent civilians in Gaza.

In the name of humanity, justice and fairness, as well as in the context of international humanitarian law, we implore the international community to take all necessary actions to stop the violence in Gaza. We welcome the current cease-fire and all diplomatic efforts to pursue peace with justice by addressing possible war crimes, responding to human rights violations, and seeking reparations and protections for the citizens of Gaza.

The Signatories of the Urgent Appea

  1. Profesor Francis A. Boyle
  2. Profesor Marko Attila Hoare
  3. Profesor David Pettigrew
  4. Profesor Keith Doubt
  5. Profesor Safiya Soliman
  6. Roger M. Richards
  7. Chris Mathieu
  8. Profesor Emir Ramić
  9. Professor Ferid Muhic
  10. Profesor Smail Čekić
  11. Profesor Fahira Fejzić
  12. Profesor Mirsada Hukić
  13. Profesor Kasim Trnka
  14. Profesor Rasim Muratović
  15. Profesor Senadin Lavić
  16. Profesor Suad Kurtčehajić
  17. Profesor Asim Mujkić
  18. Profesor Tarik Zaimović
  19. Profesor Mujo Begić
  20. Profesor Admir Muratović
  21. Profesor Mevlud Dudić
  22. Profesor  Edina Bečirević
  23. Profesor Hariz Halilović
  24. Profesor Sead Berberović
  25. Profesor Fikret Bečirović
  26. Profesor Muris Osmanagić
  27. Professor Alija Piric
  28. Profesor Redžep Skrijel
  29. Dr Emir Suljagić
  30. Dr. Mustafa Cerić
  31. Magistar Sadmir Karović
  32. Magistar Osman Softić
  33. Magistar Sanja Seferović Drnovšek
  34. Magistar Marjan Hajnal
  35. Adil Kulenović
  36. Adamir Jerković
  37. Ibrahim Kajan
  38. Bakira Hasečić
  39. Jasmin Mešković
  40. Emir Zlatar
  41. Amor Masovic

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