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ACTION: A silent march in Toronto


A silent march, “Never Forget,” to take place in downtown Toronto The commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide will take place on July 11, 2015, with special sponsors: MP Brian Masse, MP Paul Dewar, MP Irwin Cotler, former MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj, and former MP Rob Oliphant. On July 11, in partnership with […]


ACTION: The action of Canadian Bosniaks


  ACTION ALERT: IGC: The largest action of Canadian Bosniaks {action in ten Canadian provinces and three Canadian territories} Institute for Research of Genocide Canada {IGC} and Congress of North American Bosniaks  invite {CNAB}  all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Canada, all Canadians friends who know the truth about the aggression on Bosnia and […]


ACTION ALERT – 9. January


Ninth January to mark the Day of the beginning of the genocide against Bosniaks The so-called Republika Srpska (RS) entity has been built on the basis of aggression against the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina and as a result of genocide against non-Serbs. As such, it has no legitimate historical, political or cultural basis for existence. On […]


ACTION ALERT Sutorina belongs to B&H


ACTION ALERT: Sutorina belongs to B&H  We invite the BiH diaspora to help in the fight to preserve the territorial integrity of BiH, to return Sutorina to BiH We urge for the termination of the process which us currently ongoing regarding the proposal to the decision about the border between BiH and Montenegro which stipulates […]


ACTION ALERT: The Bosnian Statehood


ACTION ALERT: The Institute for Research of Genocide Canada declared the month of November as the month of the struggle for reaffirming a permanent historical value of the idea of ​​Bosnia and the Bosnian spirit. More: The ZAVNOBiH Resolution and the emerging of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina constitute key date in the recent […]


ACTION ALERT: Stop rewarding genocide denier


Stop rewarding Srebrenica genocide denier Peter Handke The indignant letter of the Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada to the Jury of the 2014 International Ibsen Award and to the Prime Minister of Norway On behalf of the marginalized and the injured victims and witnesses of aggression and genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on behalf […]


ACTION ALERT:Start thinking Srebrenica


  INVITATION TO BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA AND INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC TO START THINKING ABOUT THE GENOCIDE IN SREBRENICA  Think of the Srebrenica genocide means and look for the answer to the question of whether genocide legal means to achieve political and cultural objectives? The Dayton Peace Agreement shows that it is Those who do not realize […]


ACTION ALERT: “Što te nema Toronto”


“Što Te Nema?” – “Why Are You Not Here?” in  Toronto Institute for Research of Genocide Canada in cooperation with the Congress of North American Bosniaks and other Bosniak organizations and communities in Canada invites all friends of the truth about the aggression against the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and genocide against its citizens […]


ACTION ALERT:United to &H in EU


UNITE TO BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA IN THE EUROPEAN UNION Let us be a million— plus you! — Europeans, consistent and determined to make their voices heard by signing this appeal for a Europe of true solidarity with her Bosnian fellow citizens. THE INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH OF GENOCIDE CANADA INVATES ALL FRIENDS OF BIH TO […]


ACTION ALERT: The worst flooding in BiH


CALL TO ACTION: Due to the dramatic and catastrophic situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina Due to the dramatic and catastrophic situation that has impacted almost the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the worst flooding in the last 120 years and its subsequent landslides, the Congress of North American Bosniaks and the Institute for […]

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