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PAŽNJA AKCIJA: Stop Emir Kusturica

Institut za istraživanje genocida Kanada i Kongres Bošnjaka Sjeverne Amerike pozivaju sve prijatelje istine o zločinima u Bosni i Hercegovini i prijatelje pravde za žrtve tih zločina da odmah pošalju pismo na: The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, Switzerland.

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Dear Philippe Burrin,
Dear Andre Liebich,

I am deeply concerned with your decision to host Mr. Emir Kusturica as a guest speaker for the October 31, 2017. Mr. Kusturica , a self-proclaimed Balkan Revisionist denies that genocide, systematic rape of women and girls and ethnic cleansing ever took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina {BiH}. Mr. Kusturica places the blame on Bosniaks for the Genocide in Srebrenica and other massacres that took place throughout the war of aggression on BiH.

As a result of his denial, Mr. Kusturica has publicly disregarded that approximately 50,000 Bosniak women were raped during the three year war of aggression on BiH. The rapes were in fact used as an official Serb policy for ethnic cleansing. To this day, his outrageous claims have not been supported by internationally accepted evidence but only by other genocide deniers. His conspiracy theories are in direct conflict with the official rulings by the International Court of Justice, the International War Crimes Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia, as well as various declarations from the United States Congress, Canadian Parliament and the European Parliament.

I hope that you will agree that having Mr. Kusturica speak would be highly inappropriate and contrary to the mission of your organization which strives to promote peace and justice.

I urge you to stand up for justice and truth and reject all affiliation with Mr. Kusturica and his work.


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