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We spoke up about the horrific drama of what is the most painful wound for a human being. The killing of children in Prijedor is heart-breaking testimonials on the moral decay of modern human society. The barbarism in the Greater Serbia ideology could have been stopped in a few days. The victims do not have justice or the rule of law. The Greater Serbia ideology precludes the feeling of guilt and any sense of responsibility for the horrible crimes committed. This cannot lead to good. For no one. The Prijedor’s murdered children reveal the defects of a culture in pursuit of a Greater Serbia ideology which represents a danger and evil to others. For this reason we must be dealt with responsibly and seriously. We believe that love, truth and justice should rule the world. This is the message of hope in the muddy waters of today’s culture of shallowness and forgetfulness.

The souls of the children killed in the genocide in Prijedor, are in our hearts and memories. The killing of Prijedor’s children is a victory to inhumanity in a city which was dehumanized by aggression and genocide. The city, which relied on the use of force and was delivered the worst crimes in Europe after the Holocaust excluded from the urban identity of Bosnia and Herzegovina and even the meaning of existence. The ideas of Bosnia and the Bosnian spirit relies mainly on the component of children’s joy. A memorial to murdered children is the best step for the re-humanization of Prijedor. Each Serbian mother in Prijedor should be asked if she really wants to live in a city that denies crimes against children. The city that prohibits the memory of the murdered children, a city which has run out of children’s joy, a city full of children’s and mother’s tears.
Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada