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On the occasion of the anniversary of one of the most difficult events in the 20th century – destruction of the Old Bridge in Mostar
The destruction of the Old Bridge was a direct hit on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s freedom, independence, statehood, integrity, political subjectivity. The destruction of the Old Bridge is the highlight of fascism. Shooting the Old Bridge was a shot in BiH state and society, the shooting of man and civilization who have victory over fascism, after the Holocaust was vow to never occur again. Destroyers of the Old confirmed that Mostar is not their city, nor will be, and the entire Croatian people have built a pillar of shame and condemnation, which they will carry with themselves until they die. Individuals who can bring down such architectural beauty and such worldly-decoration before whose beauty and historic man, but just a man, becomes a good and peaceful, the destroyer can not belong to man and civilization. He belongs to the barbarians, the inhuman and the wicked. The old bridge was a symbol: indestructibility of the idea of Bosnia and the Bosnian spirit, symbol of the indestructibility of Bosnia’s unity in diversity, a symbol of synthesis of East and West, a symbol of eternal existence of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Bosniak beings and its traditions, culture, nation, language, religion and history. It can sometimes be demolished but it will always be renewed again even stronger and stronger because of their symbolic meaning, because of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bosniaks, and the idea of Bosnia and the Bosnian spirit. Because of evidence that proves there are possibilities of the diversity of life in unity.

Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada