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Institute for Research of Genocide {ICG} Joins Bosnians Worldwide in Celebration of BiH Statehood Day

Seventy years ago, over two hundred delegates from all across Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) came together in Mrkonjic Grad and formed the Anti-Fascist Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ZAVNOBiH). It was on this day in 1943 that the statehood of Bosnia and Herzegovina was restored, and BiH was declared a country that belongs neither to Muslims, Croats or Serbs, but one of equal rights for all of its citizens.

At a time when the leadership of Republika Srpska (RS) is actively engaged in violating the Dayton Peace Accords and proposing for dissolution of BiH, IGC calls on all friends of BiH to join us in working towards safeguarding BiH’s sovereignty, security and territorial integrity.

What was true seventy years ago stands true today – BiH’s strength lies in its people and its centuries-old multi-ethnic life and culture. Today, IGC celebrates the BiH Statehood Day with pride and with hope that the citizens of BiH will continue to work diligently at eliminating artificial separatism, and commit themselves to creating a BiH that is prosperous and an active member of the Euro-Atlantic community.

Thank you to the Community of Bosniaks-Georgia and KBSA for inviting ACBH to celebrate “BiH Statehood Day” in Atlanta, GA and a sincere thank you for the generous financial contribution to our work and mission! ACBH President had the honor to speak with the KBSA Board, 1. Mart leadership and the Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada on current issues facing BiH and future opportunities for cooperation.