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Monthly Movie Nights with IGC

 For the month of December the Institute For Research Of Genocide Canada (IGC) will be screening The Love of Books- A Sarajevo Story. This BBC-produced documentary centres around a group of Bosnian citizens who risk their lives to save some of the oldest and most important Books in Bosnian history (ie. The Haggadah and Muvekitt’s History of Bosnia).

Our intent with Monthly Movie Nights is to highlight social/political/human rights issues as well as positive initiatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For this movie night, the main theme is culturecide/urbicide and the current cultural challenges in Bosnia. More importantly, we will have a guest speaker who has written a Masters thesis about systematic destruction of cultural heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the war. You will have a chance to hear about first hand research and experience and you will be able to ask her questions.

Please RSVP so we can prepare Refreshments appropriately and Please invite your friends.