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Bosnian-American Institute for Genocide and Education, Institute for Research of Genocide Canada and Congress of North American Bosniaks welcomed the arrest of Mlađen Cvijanovic who is charged by U.S. prosecutors that he witheld information regarding his service in the police forces of Republika Srpska that participated in the genocide in Srebrenica.

The Arrest of Mladen Cvijanovic is evidence that the victims of genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina have not lost hope for victory of justice, and that the democratic world has mechanisms for punishing war criminals.

Bringing to justice all war criminals will significantly contribute to the achievement of justice and lasting reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We ask all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina in North America, and all American and Canadian friends of truth and justice about the aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina and the crime of genocide against the Bosniak people, that we continue to submit data on whereabouts and movement of individuals suspected of war crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina who are trying to find sanctuary in the North American continent.

Mr.Sanja Drnovsek Seferovic

Bosnian-American Institute for Genocide and education,


Prof.Emir Ramic

Research Institute of genocide Canada


Mr.Haris Alibasic

Congress of North American Bosniaks (CNAB)