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IGC: The documentary film “Seeking Truth in the Balkans” is nothing more than an exercise in revisionism

Institute for Research of Genocide Canada strongly condemns the attempt of the revision history and judicial and scientific – research facts of the genocide in BiH in the documentary film “Seeking Truth in the Balkans”.

The creators of documentary film insult the victims of genocide and humiliating truth and justice for victims of genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the single worst atrocity in Europe since the Holocaust.

Professor Francis A. Boyle, Member of the International Expert Team of the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada and the General Agent for the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina before the International Court of Justice addressing Erin Lovall one of the co-creators of the documentary film “Seeking Truth in the Balkans” among other things says:

There were about 30,000 Raped Bosnian Muslim Women, all of whom were my Clients. Your 90 minute Mockumentary does not say one word at all about the Mass Rape of the Bosnian Women. You did not even have on your Mockumentary ONE RAPED BOSNIAN WOMAN. Not even one! You did not permit even one Bosnian Muslim Raped Woman to tell her story on behalf of herself and the 30,000 other Bosnian Muslim Raped Women. You did not point out that even the Nazis did not engage in the Mass and Systematic Rape of Women as a Technique of Warfare, though the Japanese did so in Asia during World War II. According to my count, you used the words “rape” or “rapes” three times, and the word “rapist” twice. All five times you talk to people passing by. So, 30,000 raped women, Bosnian Muslims, were  not worth more than 5 words spoken by passing of a man for 90 minutes of your documentary records. You have airbrushed out of history the Mass Rape of the Bosnian Women. You have airbrushed out of history 30,000 Raped Bosnian Muslim Women. As if they do not exist. As if they were never raped. As if they do not count. Who do you think you are? Your 90 minute Mockumentary is nothing more than an exercise in REVISIONISM. Your glorification of Holbrooke is absolutely disgusting! It was Holbrooke who deliberately sacrificed Srebrenica and Zepa to Mladic in order to produce his genocidal carve-up Map at Dayton. It was Holbrooke who destroyed the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina at Dayton. I would not show your Mockumentary to my Dog, let alone inflict it upon my Students”.

Investigative genocide Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada as an independent scientific research institution, at the same time raises its voice against genocide and sends a message that will influence and affect the consciousness of the world’s leaders, in order to save the humanity and civilization of genocide.

Only scientific research findings may be permanent basis for the development of our abilities to detect, identify, prevention and punishment of the Crime of Genocide, genocide in which researchers have historic role and responsibility.

It is the obligation of researchers to speak in the name of victims, remind of their suffering and tears and suppress the fear of oblivion. The researchers must have professional responsibility and sufficient moral courage to research and share with public the scientific truths about genocide.

We live in a time in which is pronounced ruthless struggle for power and influence of the stronger over the weaker, while at the same  time  great stories dominate human freedoms and human rights which is getting smaller, and hedonism that requires money gained in the sphere of science by means of false research activities or false research, manipulation, lies and deception of the public, whereby reverence shamelessly insults to the victims.

Since the formation of IGC through scientific research leads to true scientific knowledge which presents scientific and other audiences, in order to, among other things, significantly reduced the number of space lies, forgeries and falsifiers of history, and influenced the awareness, behavior, statements and acting of individuals, certain social subjects and social groups that deny the genocide.

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