The Prijedor White Band video


The Prijedor White Band




Academic Prof. Dr. SMAIL ČEKIĆ INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE BURIED CONVENTION ON PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF CRIME OF GENOCIDE As regards the jurisprudence of the International Court of Justice, serious and relevant discussions have often been carried out, based on which scientific workers – scholars and practitioners, including some social and political actors face an […]


Thanks to the Canadian city of Hamilton


  November 24, 2016. Thanks to the Canadian city of Hamilton, which has consistently supported the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina While one of the most significant Bosnia and Herzegovina public holiday, the National Day, in the smaller entity absolutely denies, in the other entity is increasingly suppressed, while the statehood of Bosnia and Herzegovina […]


About National Day of B&H


About National Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina should talk more and remind of its importance National Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ZAVNOBiH) confirmed the statehood of Bosnia and Herzegovina in its nineteenth-century boundaries, which are among the oldest borders in Europe. Therefore, today’s generation is a major debtor of our ancestors […]


Legal basis was neglected in case of the Dayton


From the position of international humanitarian law, the Dayton Agreement should have never been adopted and signed In this context of 21 years of Dayton Peace Agreement it is important to point to the setting up of a pseudostate (illegitimate) creation Republika Srpska. In 1991 and in line with the Serbian great-state project “all Serbs […]


Srebrenica Project for the 27th I. R. D, 2017.


“Take part of the International Expert Team of the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada will be an honour for me and I thank you very much for inviting me to take part in. As a visual artist I try to join art with activism, working in the themes of historic memory and human rights, […]


Under the UN flag was genocide in B&H


On the occasion of 24 October, The UN Day – Under the UN flag was genocide in B&H On the UN Day Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada once again reminds the public worldwide that the UN betrayed Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although Bosnia and Herzegovina has been recognised by the UN and the international community […]


Genocide in the Prijedor camps


All the crimes were committed in the concentration camps in Prijedor verifies and confirms that this is the crime of genocide The Serbian aggressor in line with the Serbian political project “all Serbs in one state”, with its aggressive and genocidal character, in Prijedor systematically separated dozens, hundreds and thousands and hundreds of thousands of […]


Concluding Remarks


“The Dayton Peace Agreement – Legalisation of Genocide in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, prof. dr. Smail Cekic Concluding Remarks More: dodatakSmajoDejton (5)


In Memory of White Armband Day


In Memory of White Armband Day Morning May 31, 1992. I still can smell the ashes mixed with spring in the air of burned Prijedor. On the radio news, the authorities in Prijedor, ordered all non-Serbs to mark their houses with white flags or sheets, and to wear a white armband when they leave their […]

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