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ACTION ALERT:Don’t forget Prijedor Genocide

The International Expert Team of the Institute for Research Genocide Canada requests:

The honorable Members of the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council, The Presidents of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, United States, Presidency of the European Union, European Commission, Organization of the Islamic Conference and The High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina

To urgently and publicly request of Mr. Marko Pavic, currently serving as the mayor of the town of Prijedor and the Prijedor local authority to acknowledge the war crimes and crimes against Humanity committed in Prijedor, to honor the fallen victims as well as their survivors, and to allow access to the site of the former concentration camp in Omarska.

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We invite you to show your solidarity with victims of mass atrocities committed in Prijedor and around the world on 31 May by wearing a white armband or placing a white sheet or flag on your window.


Twenty years later, the genocide in Prijedor continues through other means. Survivors are not permitted to mark the truth about these crimes, to pursue justice, and remember the crimes that alarmed the entire world, proving once again that the lessons of the Holocaust have not been taken seriously. Without the truth about genocide in Prijedor and without justice for the victims of these crimes, there can be no true coexistence or reconciliation which are both necessary to restore the good old true city of Prijedor.  As it stands, Prijedor is only a shadow of its former self. It can no longer be called a city because it has been forcefully deprived of its Bosniak spirit or the spirit of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its ideals.

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The institute for Research of Genocide Canada would like to take this opportunity to once again remind all that genocide and crimes against humanity were continuous in the municipality of Prijedor during the period of 1992 to1995. As a result 102 children and 256 women were killed, a total of 3173 civilians parished, 31,000 people were detained in death camps, 53,000 people were victims of persecution and deportation. In just three months 94 percent of the Bosniak population from Prijedor was eliminated.

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