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Letter to the PM on Rohingya repatriation
The Rohingya fled to Bangladesh to escape Myanmar’s genocidal regime. While the Bangladeshi Government has temporarily delayed the repatriation process, the urgency of the situation cannot be ignored. The repatriation process is imminent. Therefore, Canada has international obligations to oppose this repatriation, and we urge you to do all that it takes to prevent this from happening.
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Letter of Concern to Oxford University Press regarding Dr Jacques Leider and OUP Asian History Series
We sincerely urge OUP to reconsider your editorial decision to commission Dr. Leider to write a reference article on the subject of the Rohingya. We ask that if this article goes ahead, it includes a clear disclaimer that Dr. Leider is not a distant observer and that the article should be considered as an opinion piece, not as an unbiased reference source, regarding a controversial subject which has already been documented by MSF to have caused the deaths of over 6,700 the Rohingya in the first month of Myanmar’s military attack  and the flight of 650,000 refugees over several months.

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