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On the occasion of 124. birthday of Vijecnica – 124 years of the testimony of thousand year of the tradition of B&H State

Vijecnica is the guardian of cultural- historical heritage of B&H, but for some is an eyesore when it comes to continuity of statehood of B&H. Vijecnica is a symbol of Sarajevo, B&H, and human civilization. Vijecnica synthesizes the history of Sarajevo, B&H, man and civilization. Restoration of Vijecnica and its new opening is the message and lesson to all aggressors on B&H and all creators and perpetrators of genocide against its citizens that the idea of Bosnia and Bosnian spirit still managed to defeat evil and fascism. Those who burned Vijecnica, those who stormed the state of B&H, those who were killing children in these assaults, actually burned and destroyed the idea of Bosnia and Bosnian Spirit, and thus burned and destroyed the history, culture, tradition, and human civilization. Because of these barbaric, anti-civilizational, anti-human crimes of aggression and genocide destroyers of B&H will forever remain in the junkyard of history.

Institute for Research of Genocide Canada