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Professor Emir Ramic


Congress of North American Bosniaks, Canadian Branch

Dear Professor Ramic:

Thank you for your correspondence of March 8, 2012, concerning the “Open Appeal by Bosnian-Herzegovinian Intellectuals for an integrated, multiethnic and European Bosnia and Herzegovina” and requesting the international community’s support for constitutional reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I regret the delay in replying to you.

Canada is a strong supporter of the rule of law in Bosnia and Herzegovina and all the Western Balkan countries. Canada has a keen interest in seeing the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina into a stable, secure, multi-ethnic democracy, fully integrated into Euro-Atlantic structures. As such, Canada encourages all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina to be fully engaged in the political process aimed at promoting peace, justice, democracy and the rule of law.

However, as you are aware, the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina is included in the annexes of the Dayton Peace Agreement. As Canada is a member of the Peace Implementation Council Steering Board tasked with advising the High Representative on political matters, it is the policy of the Government of Canada to work with the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the international community toward the full implementation of the Dayton Peace Agreement.

I encourage you to continue to promote this appeal through the legitimate political channels available in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Thank you for writing.


John Baird, P.C., M.P.

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Open Appeal of over 200 Bosnian and Herzegovinian Intellectuals for an integrated, multiethnic and European Bosnia and Herzegovina