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Before 22 years the so-called Herceg-Bosna was established. So-called Herceg-Bosna is para-state entity, which confirms the judgment of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia for the aggression of Republic Croatia against the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The aggression against the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and genocide against Bosniacs make the essence of joint criminal enterprise conducted by the Republic of Croatia, its leadership, and numerous top representatives of its respective political, military, police and administration, as well as its fifth column, collaborationist and mercenaries.

The intention of that criminal act, based in the Croatian project of great state, had for its objective taking over of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina as the state, and extermination of Bosniacs or their limitation to an insignificant ethnic group. The fifth column from Bosnia and Herzegovina (“Croatian Community Herzeg Bosnia”,  joined obediently, as associates and executors, the function of these criminal activities.

To achieve this joint criminal enterprise, the following activities were undertaken: the great Croatian movement was renewed and it escalated; the methods, mechanisms, and procedures for planning and preparation of the crimes were defined; the principle agreement on the destruction of Bosnia and Herzegovina (March 1991) was reached; new borders of great Croatia were drawn; the fifth column of the Republic Croatia was organized and armed (great Croatian) in Bosnia and Herzegovina; the command in the occupied territories was united in the heads of Republic Croatia – occupational force; the initial positions for the aggression were taken as well as for other criminal activities, including genocide against Bosniacs.

The aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina and genocide against Bosniacs were planned (intellectually, ideologically, politically, militarily, economically, media, intelligence, psychologically, etc), with clearly set objective, and ordered from the respective political and military centers, and executed as planned, systematically, and well organized. The state aggressor, then ideologists, planners, order issuing authorities, executors, and associates are well known, and also how these crimes were committed and why.

 According to the decision at the time, so called Croatian Community of Herceg-Bosna consisted of Jajce, Kreševo Busovaca, Vitez, Novi Travnik, Travnik, Kiseljak, Tripoli, Kakanj, Vares, Kotor Varos, Tomislav, Livno, Kupres, Vakuf, Window, Konjic, Jablanica, Posušje Mostar, Široki, breasts, Ljubuški Èitluk, Èapljina, Neum, Stolac, Straight and Dobretici.

The idea of so-called. Herceg-Bosna, led by Mate Boban has resulted in the aggression of Republic Croatia against Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This aggression was confirmed of the ICTY in May this year.  Six former leaders of the so-called. Herceg-Bosna was sentenced to a total of 111 years in prison.

Former prime minister of Herceg Bosna, Jadranko Prlic was sentenced to 25 years in prison, defense minister Bruno Stojic and commanders of the Croatian Defence Council (HVO) Praljak and Milivoj Petkovic to 20, the commander of the HVO Military Police Valentin Coric to 16, and the officer for prisoner exchanges Berislav Pusic to 10 years in prison.

As stated, the conflict between the HVO and the Army had an international character. Evidence confirmed that the forces of the Croatian Army (HV) fought together with HVO against the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Republic of Croatia exercised overall control over the armed forces and civilian authorities called Herceg-Bosna.

The ICTY found the existence of a joint criminal enterprise”” whose aim was to establish a Croatian entity in BiH, in the part within the boundaries of the Croatian Banovina from1939 year, that was supposed to be annexed to Croatia after the eventual collapse of BiH, or become an independent state within Bosnia-Herzegovina, closely connected with the Croatian.