To include camps Omarska and Trnopolje


Joint Statement of Prijedor Genocide Research {PGR} and Institute For Research Of Genocide Canada (IGC)

„In all these judgments, the mentioned camps have been identified as places where crimes against humanity have been comitted, including the Omarska and Trnopolje camps. At the sight of these facts, the non-inclusion of the above mentioned concentration camps to the map of camps and detention facilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is the result of research of TPOS and CDTP, takes the form of strangeness that is hard to qualify as an omission. Shortcomings likes these, in research work that figures as a fundamental contribution to the process of transitional justice are too big to be ignored. Because of this, we suggest and request to include Omarska and Trnopolje camps to the research of TPOS and CDTP. Otherwise, their research will not be considered as relevant scientific work. Superficial data collection and placement of partial information in public space, especially in the context of this subject of research is unacceptable, for reasons of scienific objectivity, but also a priori because of the need to respect the dignity of victims and their families“.

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