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Do you remember Ahmici and Vitez?

Never forget genocide in Ahmici and Vitez

As long as they deny the genocide we will beat them with the scientific and judicial truth

This series, author professor Emir Ramic, Director of the Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada is based on scientifically verified knowledge and the essential results of scientific research, of the many eminent researcher institutions of genocide and other crimes against humanity and international law in Europe and the world.

Genocide  in Ahmići and Vitez 16 April 1993, were planned and they were executed systematically and in organized manner. They are among the worst crimes committed against Bosniacs during the aggression against the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the case of Ahmići, ICTY established that the Republic of Croatia committed an act of aggression against the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which credited this armed conflict the character of international armed conflict “due to the direct involvement of the Croatia Army (HV) and the general control of Croatia over the forces and authorities of the Bosnian Croats”.

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