About National Day of B&H


About National Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina should talk more and remind of its importance

National Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ZAVNOBiH) confirmed the statehood of Bosnia and Herzegovina in its nineteenth-century boundaries, which are among the oldest borders in Europe. Therefore, today’s generation is a major debtor of our ancestors who during the Second World War, in heroic and just struggle against fascism preserve the integrity of the nineteenth-century Bosnian state.

Its resistance and courage, the Bosnian patriots of the country remained at the level of these glorious traditions and succeed in the war to preserve the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. These historical facts are irrefutable, because ZAVNOBiH is the work and achievement of all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose decisions on unswerving confirms the historical and political individuality of Bosnia and Herzegovina, multireligious, multiethnic and multicultural state of Bosnians’, Serbs, Croats and other citizens. We hope that over time, all representatives of the BiH country recognized the indisputable historical facts and therefore this date is the National Day of our common state of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After 47 years of peace on the foundations of this struggle, Bosnia and Herzegovina came under a new wave of fascism and extreme nationalism, which aims not only had the destruction of Bosnian statehood but also the entire nation. The eastern and western aggressors, together with political authorities and the military, paramilitary and police forces of all available means attack and destroy the Bosnian towns and villages. Executing terrible persecution, killing civilians and create concentration camps. This whole organized campaign ends the most sinister of all crimes – crimes of genocide.

Regardless of the great superiority of the aggressor, patriotic Bosnian state of all nationalities stood up in defense, unarmed, but ready to defend their country and its citizens. From the very beginning it was an unequal fight, because the aggressors had availability of any weapons, while due to the international embargo defenders were forced to smuggle the most basic military equipment. In such circumstances, the best sons of the Bosnian country, defending it, lost their lives and health. This is an opportunity to remember them with a sense of debt and gratitude. Thanks are due to them as fascism has been defeated. We also owe them the preservation of peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, peace for which they fought for a brighter future of their loved ones.

Bosnian society today lacks a sense of belonging to their own country. Bosnian citizens are often unsure of their own identity as the citizens of their country. The process of creating identity usually goes hand in hand with the success of a country at national and international level and thus the citizens creates a sense of belonging, pride and confidence in state institutions. In other words, a sense of identity and belonging is a key foundation for state-building and consolidation of state-feelings. For the integration of state-building sense of November 25, has a special importance because it represents the culmination of centuries of true aspirations of the citizens and peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to create her own state.

Bosnian society and state, is entering a critical period will determine the future of the whole country. The destruction of Milorad Dodik we all know and we have witnessed for a very long time. In recent years, unfortunately, we are witnessing the true political aggression of the Croatian state against institutions in connection with the so-called reorganization of the Federation, the change of the Election Law, etc., all with the aim of further ethnic fragmentation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which were the main objectives of 1992 to date. The BiH, especially the Bosnian political elite does not have adequate response to this political drama that leads to detention of Bosnians’ in the national ghetto in which they have no prospects.

We have a debt to Bosnia and Herzegovina to stand up against all attempts of falsification of Bosnian history and contribute to building a society that will rest on a true and authentic values of BiH. The defense and strengthening of Bosnian values important role of diaspora. The BiH diaspora has long begun the process of combating counterfeiting of Bosnian history and thus contributed to the defense and strengthening of the best Bosnian value in the Canadian Cultural Mosaic.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, many people tried to destroy, especially in the last aggression nineties, but they failed, which is why we must not succumb to pressure in peace and let the universal value destroying for which many gave their lives for it.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a centuries-old tradition of meeting and mixing of different civilizations and cultures that have been synthesized in a specific spirituality that cannot be found in its neighbors: Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. Therefore, they do not understand Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that is why they commit violence against her. It is this its specific spirituality makes Bosnia and Herzegovina society specific and indivisible political community and state. It helped her to survive until today.

Emir Ramic