ACTION ALERT: Protect victims from criminals


Campaign: Protect victims from released 10 convicted war-criminals!

After wrongful interpretation of European Court of Human Rights verdicts in specific cases of Maktouf and Damjanović, Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina ordered release of 10 convicted war-criminals who are serving sentences for genocide and crimes against civilian population. Convicted war-criminals now wait for the new trial in each of the cases, and there is a possibility they could leave the country, if Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina does not order their immediate arrest and detention.

Due to the fact that these war-criminals are convicted for war crimes committed around Srebrenica area, Bosniak returnee community, especially women living in isolated villages near Skelani and Dobrak, are in constant fear from possible violence and attacks that could come. In last few days different celebrations were organized by Army of Republika Srpska war-veterans, celebrating release of Aleksandar Radovanović (32 years, genocide); Branislav Medan (28 years, genocide); Brano Džinić (32 years, genocide); Milenko Trifunović (32 years, genocide); Petar Mitrović (28 years, genocide); Nikola Andrun (18 years, crimes against civilian population); Milorad Savić (21 years, crimes against civilian population); Mirko (Špire) Pekez (14 years, crimes against civilian population); Mirko (Mile) Pekez (29 years, crimes against civilian population).

To raise awareness of these war-criminals, share information about their whereabouts, but also to share information about crimes they committed, use hashtag #10atLARGE, and share Facebook cover ( or Facebook profile ( You may also contact Coalition of civil society organizations “Prvi mart” (First March) that deals with human rights protection and gathers war-victims and returnees associations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Visit our web-site, or contact us by e-mail: