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ACTION ALERT:Prijedor Police banned IHRD

 On the occasion of international Human Rights Day on 10 December, the Institute for Genocide Research Canada (IGC) cautions the international community on continuing violations of human rights and personal freedoms in the city of Prijedor.

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IGC CALLS TO ACTION: Please share on your social media profiles and send this statement to municipal and state governments wherever you live to protest the continued repression against genocide victims groups in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Prijedor Police has banned the peaceful march commemorating the International Human Rights Day on Monday the 10th December. On the International Human Rights Day, Prijedor police is placing itself above the RS law on public gatherings and has banned the peaceful public walk, not citing a single legal basis for doing so.

Local Police did not ban members of Serbian ultranationalist “Ravnogorski Cetnicki Pokret” from marching freely in the same streets wearing their intimidating black uniforms. Prijedor police have tolerated public meetings of local Serb organizations, even when these meetings have taken place in unpermitted locations, such as high schools during the class time.

This is not the first time local police has interfered with the work of NGO’s that are of different (non-Serb) ethnic background. Earlier in May this year, Police has banned a public gathering commemorating the killings of 266 women and children in Prijedor.

Prijedor police bans peaceful commemoration of International human rights day