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Christian Schwarz Schilling podržao Peticiju e-1837


Christian Schwarz Schilling, bivši visoki predstavnik u Bosni i Hercegovini poslao poruku Institutu za istraživanje genocida Kanada u kojoj se između ostalog kaže: “Sa zanimanjem sam pročitao vašu poruku i informacije o Srebrenici i poricanju genocida. Podržavam vašu peticiju e-1837 koja od Vlade Kanade traži sankcionisanje poricnja genocida u Srebrenici. Zaista cjenim vaše aktivnosti u ovoj oblasti”.

Orginal poruka

Dear Emir Ramic,
With interest I have read your message and the information about Srebrenica and the denial of the genocide. I support your petition e-1837 that requests the Government of Canada to sanction the denial of genocide in Srebrenica. I really appreciate your activities in this area.
Maybe you are interested in the processes of January this year, the holiday in Bosnia and Hercegovina as well as the attempt of the EU-member Croatia to change the electoral law in a way , so that the HDZ Chairman Covic has a chance to become president in the next election. This time he was deselected, because next to the ethnical point of view according to the Dayton agreement, the democratic point of view went through and so the Bosnian Croat Mr. Komsic was elected. He keeps a normal relationship between the presidency and the citizens.
If you like, I will send you information about this.
Thank you very much and let us keep up the good cooperation.
Best regards
Prof. Dr. Christian Schwarz-Schilling
Bundesminister a. D., Hoher Repräsentant für Bosnien-Herzegowina a. D.