Exhibition of Archive of Federation of B&H

Exhibition of the Archive of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina


 The incidents which occurred in Srebrenica in July, 1995, when nearly nine thousand of Bosniaks were killed there by Serbs in several days, represent a human disaster and the total decline in morals. While the Bosnian leadership implored the world not to allow this crime to take place in Srebrenica, the International Community did not take it into consideration. Srebrenica was left at mercy and disgrace. The world later admitted its responsibility for failing to prevent the crime, but it could not bring back nearly nine thousand people killed. Although seventeen years have passed since then, we go back again to this apocalypse. The text in English language (based on Wikipedia encyclopedia) is the contents of our brochure which we will distribute worldwide.

More: 31. Anali 12, SREBRENICA, Anali,Genocide in Srebrenica, brochure, 12 Engl final amended draft

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