The truth about the genocide in B&H


In his scholarly study, “Genocide and the truth about the genocide in Bosnia,” Professor Dr. Smail Cekic, one of the leading international researchers of genocide states that the  previously unknown details about the crime of genocide in Srebrenica will solve the problems of Illusion that prevent lasting peace and the necessary traditional community life in Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Genocide in Srebrenica took place in 14 municipalities, the victims of this genocide are the 12 municipalities,” says Professor Cekic in his latest book. The crime of genocide in Srebrenica is only part of a crime against humanity and international law committed in the continuity of four years to nearly three-quarters of the territory of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina – in all the occupied towns and cities under siege.

Promotion of the Book “Genocide and the Truth about the Genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina”

In the UNSA Rectorate’s Ceremonial Hall on 5 March 2013, the promotion of the book “Genocide and the Truth about the Genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina” by Prof. Dr. Smail Cekic, Director of the Institute for Research of Crimes against Humanity and International Law and professor at the UNSA Faculty of Political Sciences, took place.

Academicians Muhamed Filipovic, Esad Durakovic and Ferid Muhic, and Prof. Dr. Mirko Pejanovic, ANUBIH Corresponding Member promoted this important scientific work.

Academician Muhamed Filipovic said that Prof. Dr. Smail Cekic became, in our scientific and public life, a synonym for a person who was, persistently and despite all the difficulties and inconsistencies encountered both in our science, politics and our public opinion, who was fighting for the truth about what really happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina and what happened with the Bosniak people. “Smail Cekic has written a book in which he proved very accurately that the crime of genocide truly, really happened” said Academician Filipovic.

When presenting the book “Genocide and the Truth about the Genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, Prof. Dr. Mirko Pejanovic stressed that it deserved a high valuation in relation to overall scientific knowledge which the book presented about the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and added: “This  book is a rounded off historical research study on the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It deserves to be all-state reading material for all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, providing the knowledge about the suffering of Bosniaks, as a nation, during the Aggression and the war against Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992 to 1995”.

Academician Esad Durakovic said how that work was extraordinarily broad, but also loaded with documentary material. “This book is from its very title containing the lethal words: truth and genocide to the unique footnote listings that have thousands of documents of various types, a unique documentary material and undeniable evidence of the genocide in the UN Safe Heaven – Srebrenica. It is at the same time documented evidence of the UN’s dishonor, and of moral perversity of genocide denying institutions ” said Academician Durakovic pointing out that this book was another scientific research feat by Prof. Dr. Smail Cekic.

Academician Ferid Muhic said that the book “Genocide and the Truth about the Genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina” was a book about the truth. Academician Muhic also stated how that book proved the existence of genocide with remarkable arguments and empirical grounds, archival and physical material.