Hamilton in solidarity with Prijedor

May 31, 2017.

The Canadian city of Hamilton in solidarity with the victims of genocide in Prijedor. Hamilton joined the commemoration of the Worldwide White Armband Day

At the initiative of Marie Pearson, councillor of the city of Hamilton, Mayor Fred Eisenberger is included Hamilton in commemoration of World Wide White Armband Day. On a prominent electronic sign located outside of City Hall is posting message recognising the May 31. World Wide White Armband Day

“Hamilton supports World Wide White Armband Day”

Professor Emir Ramic, director of the Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada thanked to the councillors of the City of Hamilton to support World Wide White Armband Day to commemorate the genocide that took place in Prijedor when the self-proclaimed Republika Srpska applied the very same method used by the Nazis, who forced Jews to wear armbands and stars. We ask the world’s leaders and the most important international political, academic and judicial organisations to assist in resolving this emergency, through additional efforts to seek the unconditional compliance with this just struggle of Prijedor’s surviving victims and witnesses of aggression and genocide; for memory; truth and justice – without which there will be no reconciliation or happier common future in Prijedor and Bosnia and Herzegovina”, Ramic said.

On 31 May 1992, authorities in Prijedor, BiH ordered that all non-Serb citizens mark their houses and bodies with a white cloth; a decree reminiscent of the Third Reich’s requirement for Jewish citizens to wear the star of David. Prijedor witnessed a campaign of hate and genocide. 90% of the Bosnian Muslim and Croat populations experienced ethnic cleansing. Today, the Hamilton community stands in solidarity with the Bosnian community in commemorating the 3173 victims of genocide in Prijedor.

Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada