I am a witness of genocide, I survived just to speak


Dževa Avdić –  I am a witness of genocide, I survived just to speak
Witness of Genocide: I have to tell the truth to oppose oblivion
It is July 9th today. On this day, 20 years ago, I was almost nine years old which are symbolized by these nine flowers of Srebrenica on my clothes today. I survived genocide. Once in life one can be the child which I never was. I will never know what a carefree childhood looks like. Because my childhood had been destroyed before it even started by nothing other than genocide! During the war I finished three years of primary school which I do not even remember. Yes, I do not remember how I learned to read, write, count … The only thing I remember is that I had only one notebook. As it was for all subjects, I would write in it at school, and when I got home I learned what was written and erased everything so I could have enough space for writing the following day. My childhood, freedom, warm mother’s lap, my father’s presence, and home were taken away from me! Everything was gone, and a struggle for life was the only thing that stayed.

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