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IGC Viena University Letter:Genocide Denier professor Walter Manoschek

IGC Viena University Letter:Genocide Denier professor Walter Manoschek

January 25, 2022.
University of Vienna
Universitätsring 1
A-1010 Vienna

Rector Mr. Heinz W. Engl
Chair and spokesperson of the Rectorate

Dear Rector Engl,
Dear members of Ethics Committee of the University of Vienna,

Since at least from September of 2021, you and the University of Vienna were made aware of the fact that the University of Vienna is actively involved in the Bosnian Genocide. One of the professors of the University of Vienna Mr. Walter Manoschek, associate professor of Political Science at the Department of Government, coauthored an academic study denying genocide. This study is bearing your institution’s name on it and it has directly influenced the new crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina which can lead to further bloodshed.

The official position your rectors office took regarding the genocide denial by its own senior faculty member was communicated by Florian Feldbauer to Mr. Sirbegovic. It states that it is a private opinion of professor Manoschek.

This statement itself is a contemporary genocide research artifact. It is of particular importance for research of all the facets of systematic genocide denial and its fine granularity on the highest institutional levels responsible for genocide prevention.

By taking this position University of Vienna is not only offending and degrading victims of genocide but it is also discrediting itself as a serious academic institution and trivializing all research conducted by itself. In the civilized world, when a senior faculty member of an academic institution authors an academic study and signs it as such with the name of the institution he is working for, then that study is not his private opinion. If legally and academically this is the case in Austria, as officially stated by your office, other academic institutions worldwide should be informed of these pariah circumstances.

Initial impression of this self-discrediting official statement by Mr. Florian Feldbauer is the fact that we cannot be sure if this is his private opinion or the official position of the University of Vienna. Therefore, we are asking you, as the head of an esteemed institution that it now actively involved in its second European genocide within a century, to state the official position of the University of Vienna regarding:

The Genocide in Bosnia and the activities of professor Manoschek.
The absence of your official response to the crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina this study inflames. There are credible fears of a new war.
The Genocide Denial by your faculty member and your official Mission Statement.
The potential disregard of your own Code of Conduct of the University of Vienna.

Besides being of an ethical, academic and civilizational concern, this issue is also of legal concern for all U.S. entities (academic and business ones) dealing with the University of Vienna due to the sanctions by the U.S. Department of the Treasury imposed on Mr. Dodik and his associated entities.

Sincerely yours,

Professor dr. Emir Ramić

Chairman of the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada