Letter regarding historically incorrect book


Letter to Canadian Minister regarding historically incorrect book

On behalf of 350,000 North American Bosniaks, of which more than 50,000 lives in Canada and who are mainly survivors, relatives of the victims and witnesses of genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the biggest crime after the Holocaust in Europe, we ask you to withdraw the book “Face of Nation “, edition 2000, by group of authors: Angelo Bolotta, Jennifer Watt, Charles Hawks, Fred Jarman and Marc Keirstad, from your academic curriculum. The mentioned book presents, plainly put, lies about Bosnia and Herzegovina’s history. Among other things, the book says that during the First World War, Bosnia and Herzegovina was Serbian province where the majority of the populations were Serbs, and that many sought the return of Serbia. This does not correspond with historical truth, which is easily verifiable with credible scientific research institutions in Canada.

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