Mayor of Hamilton congratulated the B&H Statehood Day

It is my pleasure to extend best wishes and and congratulations on the celebrations on Statehood day of Bosnia and Herzegovina on November 25. 2018. I want to recognize and acknowledge the tremendous of the contributions of your community of the city oh Hamilton.
Bosnia and Herzegovina had a long and storied history. Throughout the years of the dominion of empires until today the Bosnian people have held true the their culture and ideals. The commitment of Bosnians to the freedom and to the free association of a diverse population has been example to the world.The contribution to the cause of the democracy in the region is deeply appreciated.
Bosnians are blessed with a beautiful country and a proud people. Bosnia and Herzegovina can bee proud of your generations legacy in this country.
I wish you continued success in Canada and in the city of Hamilton.
Fred Eisenberger
Mayor Hamilton

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