Nataša Kandić – Eyewitness Testimony

Nataša Kandić is a Serbia-based human rights advocate who has documented abuses throughout the wars in Croatia, Bosnia, and Kosovo. She has crossed frontlines to document atrocities, provided legal aid to victims, and been a leading figure in establishing the truth of Serbian war crimes. Because of her work, she has faced multiple death threats.

In 2003, a former member of the Skorpions, a Serbian paramilitary group, contacted Kandić. He was willing to testify about atrocities the Skorpions had committed and to offer evidence.

A year later, Kandić managed to secure a copy of a home video that the Skorpions made of their participation in executions of Bosniak men and boys after the fall of Srebrenica in 1995.

After it was shown on television, the videotape made a significant impact on Serbian public opinion because it presented evidence created by the perpetrators themselves.

Nataša Kandić met with Nura Alispahić, who recognized her 16-year-old son Azmir in the Skorpions video when it was publicly broadcast on Bosnian television.

“The last two that remained were my son and another boy. His hands were tied behind his back. First they killed the guy in front of him and then they shot him once and a second time and then I started screaming,” Nura said.

Today, Kandić continues her work as director of the Humanitarian Law Center in Belgrade, Serbia.



Nataša Kandić — I was called by one member of the Scorpions. He told me about Srebrenica, that unit was involved in Srebrenica massacre. And he told me that execution is filmed. It’s a videotape about execution of six Muslims from Srebrenica.

It was so strong evidence, the videotape changed public opinion. Reaction was that the people were shocked.

It was the first time that they could see faces of victims, faces of perpetrators. They saw humiliation, they saw young victims, and they saw soldiers with weapons.

You know, it was the first time that Serbian society was touched on an emotional level.

Tape Rolling — Out, out of the truck! Come on, get up, hurry, move it! Come over here, sit on the side. Get up.


Face of victim: Safet Fejzić (1978).

Come on, come on, move it! Heads down. Heads on the ground! Lie down. Stretch out, these two?… stretch out.

Face of victim: Juso Delić (1970).

Face of victim: Sidik Salkić (1959).

Face of victim: Azmir Alispahić (1978).

Face of victim: Smail Ibrahimović (1960).

The Bosniak boys and men in this video were executed by members of the Scorpions paramilitary unit. Safet Fajzić, Dino Salihović, Juso Delić, Sidik Salkić, Azmir Alispahić, and Smail Ibrahimović were forced to lie down at the side of the road before being executed.

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