Complete and independent B&H

The Bosniak national interest is the complete, independent, B&H

Bearing in mind the lies, deceit, and forgeries of the greater Serbian political and intellectual (secular and spiritual) expansionist elite, it is necessary, for the sake of humanity, historical accuracy, and hundreds of thousands of victims in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to point out the essential facts about the origins, causes, goals, objectives and scale of the so-called “Great Serbia” project, which is based on the Serbian fascist ideology and politics of criminal and genocidal practices, in which is contained the whole truth about all the previous wars of conquest to the Greater Balkans, and especially against Bosnia and Herzegovina and the genocide of Bosnian citizens.  Historical truth, based on numerous documents of different provenance, confirmed by the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia and the International Court of Justice is as follows:

First – Greater Serbian project (“all Serbs in one state”) is a reality. Although defeated in the Second World War, when it was an official political program of the Chetnik movement of Draza Mihailovic and the exiled government in London, who were wrongly supported by the Allies, the project has been restarted in the late 1980s. The results of this project were wars of conquest, and numerous other crimes against humanity and international law, including genocide against Bosniaks in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Second -The project unfolds in a state of a constant discontinuity, meaning that at it unfolds in stages at various historical inflection points, leaving in its wake major consequences manifested primarily in monstrously huge numbers of  human casualties and material destruction.

Third -The project is of a Nazi, fascist and genocidal character, because among other things, it includes: territorial expansion – conquest of other people’s territory including Bosnia and Herzegovina, and genocide, the extermination of peoples, the worst of all crimes, as was perpetrated in the 1990s against the Bosniaks in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On the occasion of yet another attempt to expunge these horrid acts from their history, the Serbian political, cultural, scientific, and spiritual establishment is once again attempting to rewrite the history and bury the facts which so accurately describe the goals of the “Great Serbia” project. As a result, the  Institute for Research of Genocide Canada (IRGC) issues the following

Press Release:

Proclamation of the Republic of Srpska, on  January 9, 1992, was a unilateral act by unlawful groups of people who are hostile to the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and especially hostile to the Bosnian people, and who had no legal basis to do so. 9th January, 1992. is the date when the self-proclaimed Republic of Srpska came into existence on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Only in Dayton has this creation been illegally recognized. Serbian Republic was created by the Dayton agreement and is only valid for as long as the Dayton agreement exists, if and when such a time comes for the Dayton agreement to be null and void, the Republic of Srpska will cease to exist and there will only be the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

IGC strongly condemns the statement of SPC Patriarch Irinej that denies the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and his strong support for the illegal and illegitimate Republic of Srpska, and his promotion of the idea of the so-called “Serbian state.”

IGC reminds Serbian Patriarch that the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina was the victim of the military aggression, and it’s citizens living in occupied territories and cities under siege were the victims of the worst crime against humanity – the crime of genocide.

This project of aggression and genocide was prepared by the SASA (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts), supported by the leadership of SPC, and implemented by the criminal regime of Slobodan Milosevic and Franjo Tudžman.

Statements of hatred of Irinej toward a country, its people, their faith, culture and civilization is a continuation of the concept of altering historic facts, as part of a larger effort by certain Serbian political, national and spiritual establishment.  The focus of this propaganda is to change the character of the events in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992-1995, and characterize what was an act of aggression as a civil war

IGC is sending a message to Irinej, Dodik, Tadic and all members of the Serbian nationalist establishment that Bosniaks will never forget what they’ve endured at the hands of their like-minded predecessors. Those who refuse to speak out and condemn the crimes of their faithful against Bosniaks, and those who gave refuge to war criminals in their monasteries, are in our view just as guilty of the acts of aggression and genocide as the perpetrators of these crimes.

To all those who deny or wish to obstruct the sovereignty, legality, government continuity and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and strive to do their work on the denial of genocide against Bosnians, that all our resources and capacities will be used in defending the national interests of Bosniaks world population. The Bosniak national interest is the complete, independent, democratic and sovereign Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it is our right to see to it that we are never again a victim of the genocidal project.