Our voice for smile of Syrian children


Our voice for smile and peaceful sleep of Syrian children

The Syrian conflict began with peaceful protests against President Bashar al-Assad in March 2011, but quickly evolved into a civil war which has lasted for more than five years.

Five-year war caused the 2.4 million children in exile. About 14 million children in Syria have no health insurance or chance to educate. More than 10,000 children have lost their lives. Syrian doctors were forced to amputate the limbs of wounded children because they do not have the necessary medicines and medical equipment, according to a report of the humanitarian organization Save the Children.

Under siege or in hard to reach areas now live twice as many civilians than 2013. At least two million of those to whom help is not available are the children, including more than 200,000 in areas under siege, and in this areas The Humanitarian aid is not available for months. Children are exposed to hunger, illness. Although, last month both sides agreed to a temporary truce to delivery of humanitarian aid, but temporary truce was broken and attacks continue.

Of particular concern is the trend of frequent citing of children, “said UNICEF.” The children say that conflicting parties encouraging them to engage in a war by offering them gifts and ‘salary’ that range up to $ 400 per month”, but these children would be used as prisoners for propaganda.

50,000 Syrian children who have sought refuge in Lebanon in 2014, is working in often difficult conditions and up to 12 hours a day to pay for food and accommodation for their families, and similar situation is in Jordan. CARE financially helps families in Jordan and Lebanon, so that children can attend school instead of working, but CARE don’t have enough money for finances every year.

In Syria, now in addition to shelling, children are most exposed to hunger because of a new Syrian government order to be-sieged towns need to be output for starvation. Roads have been blocked for months where food and medication can’t pass. Snipers will shoot at civilians that are attempting to collect some food from the fields. Hospitals are constantly exposed to shelling in which they are running out of medicines and don’t have enough food. In many reports, hospitals had no drugs for pain, infusion of morphine and so many children are operating without pain medication where unfortunately children don’t survive the operation.

The Institute for Research of Genocide daily receives information about the Syrian children that they are increasingly exposed to new war conflicts and hunger. We are asking you how long will the world watch these children crying for peace and freedom? Do we only care of ourselves or that we help only when we see that we have some benefit from it? Is the world falling asleep and will not wake up when is the storm above us? Do you sometimes wonder whether something like this could happen to us and our children? We ask you to join us and support with your voice Syrian children, who want only to see the glimmer of sun stead of shells. Support with our voice doctors who every day do their best and also losing their lives helping the wounded. Let us show that together humanity has not disappeared from our hearts. It’s hard to be a humanist because many obstacles are in front of us but together we can do much more. With joint support and same voice, we can show that the world is still united against those who take advantage of their forces on the weak and helpless ones. Join us to get back together Syrian children their lost childhood. For that smile and restful sleep, join us with your voice to stop the killing of innocent Syrian children.

Alma Clausen
Secretary of Institute for Research of Genocide Canada