Parenti’s Speech at Student Conference Center

Institute for the Research of Genocide Canada

As you already know, the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada and other Bosnian organizations world-wide have been protesting Lone Star College’s speaking engagement extended to Mr. Michael Parenti. We have received your reply justifying the invitation to Mr. Parenti using the ubiquitous free speech argument.

While we appreciate the democratic principles of free expression of opinions, we are alarmed by the opportunity being given to Mr. Parenti to distort historical facts and propagate hate speech at your institution of higher learning. To provide a forum for hate speech and denigration of minorities is to condone harassment and discrimination. We note that Lone Star’s policy on Speech Activity states that: “Any acts … invading the rights of others will not be permitted…”

Please not that other organizations disassociated themselves from Mr. Parenti in the past after learning of his controversial role in denying the genocide over Muslims in former Yugoslavia. Please see the San Jose Peace and Justice Center’s action on May 31, 2012.

Since Lone Star College did not anticipate such action, we hereby request that (i) at the beginning of Mr. Parenti’s speech the College, as well as you as its President, disassociate yourselves from any remarks expected to be made in relation to his denial of genocide in former Yugoslavia; and (ii) allow access to members of the Bosnian community who wish to be present and ask Mr. Parenti relevant questions, as appropriate.

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