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“Verdict is a compromise, Karadzic is guilty of genocide in all the occupied towns and cities in BiH
For the reasons known only to ICTY, the Indictment against Radovan Karadžić was reduced from 32 to 11, and finally 8 municipalities. Nevertheless, the available, valid, and reliable documents, primarily empiric sources of data, confirm and prove that the genocide was committed in all occupied places and towns under siege, including the UN safe area, for which Radovan Karadžić is responsible, and the mere pronouncement of such Verdict would meet the expectation of genocide victims, serve justice, and send a clear message to all on the planet Earth that the fair punishment would follow the planning, preparation, organization, and commission of genocide. This would mean that there is inherent and developed awareness and system of universal values on the planet Earth in the contemporary democratic society, will and determination to act in the direction of prevention and punishment of crime of genocide, which would in reality of human and social life reaffirm the meaningfulness of the Convention on prevention and punishment of crime of genocide. A Court that is not ready to punish a crime is an immoral, political court. Only truth and justice are the foundation of the future of a unified, sovereign, and democratic B&H. B&H, Europe and world remain without a necessary seal on truth and justice as a warning to future criminals”.
Emir Ramić