IGC supports memorial room of Luka, Brcko

Official call for support for the construction of the memorial room of Luka, Brcko

Dear Friends,

On this 20th anniversary of the formation of the infamous concentration camp Luka Brcko the Association of Detainees of the Brcko District, in cooperation with the Association of Detainees of Bosnia and Herzegovina and The Association of The Families of Abducted, Killed and expelled Bosniaks Brcko District, we invite the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and their friends to help support and finance the project of construction of a Memorial at Luka Hangar which served as the prison camp.

The aim of this action is to adapt the hangar into a memorial room with its official opening on May 7th, 2012, in conjunction with plans to organize a commemorative program dedicated to civilian victims of war, 1992-1995 with a focus on the memory of the victims of Brcko and other concentration camps throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. To our knowledge, this would be the first museum of this sort, for the memories of the civilian victims of prison camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main work needed is the construction of a partition wall, which will share the memorial room with the rest of the hangar, currently being used as a warehouse. It will also be necessary to finance materials for panels, the costs of photographs, videos, etc.


Consequently, if the memorial room is not finished by the deadline, the work will be remanded, if we can manage to raise the necessary funds.

Positive changes and the reconciliation of peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region are not possible without these events, which will show due respect and memory of the innocent victims of aggression on our homeland, as well as improved quality of life of victims of torture and their families, and exercising the right to rehabilitation of torture victims and compensation.

For financing the memorial room, which is necessary in order to commemorate the May 7th anniversary, the estimates costs are roughly $7,000. We ask the people at home and abroad to demonstrate generosity with their donations and help fulfill this goal.

Given that one of the mandates of the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada is the protection from oblivion the memories of abuse and crimes of genocide committed against our citizens, we hope you, like the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and friends of the Institute, support this action with your contribution and invite your friends to join as well.

You can send your donation to the address below, along with a notation that the donation goes to

“Project Camp Luka Brcko”

The following bank account:

account  # 141-601-0001-1235-13
Savska 4
Phone: 00387-49-213-324 or 00387-63-592-541

We sincerely hope you will understand our action and our appeal for help to honor our friends.

Warm Regards and thank you on behalf of:

Association of Detainees of the Brcko District,


Institute for Research of Genocide Canada


Bosnian American Institute for Genocide and Education