Letter to the Canadian Prime Minister


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Honorable Premier Justin Trudeau,

We are writing to you on behalf of Canadians, researchers and survivors of the genocide victims and witnesses of genocide in Srebrenica and Bosnia and Herzegovina. With this letter we would like to draw your attention to the choice of the future Secretary-General of the United Nations, the candidacy of the Serbian diplomat Vuk Jeremic, an individual whom many Canadians oppose.

A great victory in the elections you have brought new hope to Canada, the land of compliance with laws , labor and democracy, a country of respect for truth and justice, land protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms. Almost all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina living in Canada voted for you, for new hope.Therefore, we ask that Canada specifically materialize your hope for truth and justice and use his influence as one of the most respected member of the United Nations and not let Vuk Jeremic be elected as function of Secretary-General, the function of which is intended for honorable people who respect international justice and rights.

Vuk Jeremic as a Serbian citizen who aggressively promotes nationalistic interests of Serbia, which still denies genocide was committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina. His performances are directed toward ” equalization of guilt ” and the calling of international courts, which were established by the United Nations. We remind you that during the presidency of the United Nations General Assembly Vuk Jeremic was responsible for several diplomatic scandals which caused Canadians to doubt his good intentions.

The victims of genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina, remember the humiliation they suffered during the brutal and shameful ejection from the seat of the United Nations while addressing the Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic during a public debate on the work of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia Also, Vuk Jeremic misused headquarters of the General Assembly, taking advantage of his presidency to organize a celebration of the Orthodox New Year on January 13, 2013, when Viva Vox Choir performed the song ” March on the Drina “, which is a symbol of extreme Serbian nationalism and by the fascists and Nazi collaborators led by Draza. Mihailovic was actively used as a motivation to commit war crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Second World War .The same song was played during the aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina and genocide against its citizens; Serbian aggressors played while they raped, destroyed, expelled, and mercilessly killed civilians in cities and concentration camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992 to 1995. The song was banned by the former government for inciting ethnic hatred, even Serbian parliament officially rejected it as an anthem for the provocative text and history The Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada is grateful that the Secretary-General of the United Nations Mr. Ban Ki apologized on January 17, 2013., apologized and expressed regret for the pain that this incident has caused victims and witnesses of the aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina and genocide against its citizens. The Secretary-General acknowledged that this song was not supposed to be in the official program, and that he was not aware of its historical context.

Vuk Jeremic is from Serbia. Serbia is the only country in the history of civilization that the International Court of Justice found responsible for failing to prevent and punish genocide. Giving Vuk Jeremic presidency of the United Nations would be an act that would be Serbia amnesty responsibility instead of certain sanctions that it should suffer because of convictions for failing to prevent genocide, Serbia would be rewarded.

Jeremic’s behavior is unacceptable and we ask you to prevent Jeremic’s candidacy to the position of Secretary General. That would be a great Canadian contribution under your leadership that gives great hope to the truth and justice in the world. As a democratic country that we adopted for its citizens after our trauma of aggression and genocide in BIH which we are survivors and witnesses, help hear our voices as Canadian citizens. If we are silent we are accomplices. Since the beginning of your mandate you have argued for a greater role of Canada in preserving the integrity of the United Nations. A clear position of rejection of Jeremic’s candidacy will further contribute to Canada as preserving the integrity of the most important world organization. At the same time all those who in the future might presume harm to the United Nations send a message that such destructive activity is not worth it, that is not worth it to persist symbols, crimes and defiance of the international community in which Canada plays an important role.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Dr. Emir Ramić
Director of the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada