Responsibility of IC to Protect Bosniaks in RS


 The international community must recognize and undertake its responsibility to protect, through all appropriate diplomatic, political and legal avenues, the Bosniak and non-Serb populations who are subject to persecution, psychological intimidation and discrimination in Republika Srpska. All necessary measures must be taken to prosecute and punish the political and administrative authorities in Republika Srpska who can be held personally responsible for crimes against humanity under international law for willfully persecuting and discriminating against Bosniaks and other non-Serbs in an effort to continue to secure the goals of the genocidal aggression and exclusion that began 1992-1995.

 A Resolution on the Responsibility of the International Community to Protect Bosniaks and other non-Serbs in Republika Srpska Who Are Particularly Vulnerable to Persecution as a Crime Against Humanity Under International Law.

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