ACTION ALERT Sutorina belongs to B&H


ACTION ALERT: Sutorina belongs to B&H

 We invite the BiH diaspora to help in the fight to preserve the territorial integrity of BiH, to return Sutorina to BiH

We urge for the termination of the process which us currently ongoing regarding the proposal to the decision about the border between BiH and Montenegro which stipulates that the territory of Sutorina will remain in Montenegrin territory.

Montenegrins, who procured themselves the ownership rights over Sutorina, have no right of ownership or document to prove it, and that Sutorina was within BiH for centuries.

That is why today’s Bosnia and Herzegovina should never give away this territory to Montenegro and it would have to deliver its arguments at the negotiations with the Montenegrin establishment so it could return something that is rightfully BiH’s.

In case the negotiations fail, BiH would have to address the International Court of Justice in Den Haag  and in case of a positive outcome for BiH, it would have to advocate that Sutorina becomes a district zone.

However, if it results in a negative outcome which will be decided by several BiH institutions while the BiH Parliamentary Assembly has the final word then Bosnia and Herzegovina will give Montenegro, which already has 286 kilometers of seashore, the territory which has the length of 5.3 to 7 kilometers. This territory has strategic importance to BiH.

The fate of Sutorina which de jure belongs to Bosnia and Herzegovina should not be doubted anymore since arguments are on BiH’s side.