The letter to ArcelorMittal’s chief executive

Mladen Jelaca_CEO_ArcelorMittal PrijedorGenocid u Prijedoru

December 14, 2014.

The letter to ArcelorMittal’s chief executive Mr.Mladen Jelaca

The chief executive of ArcelorMittal Mr. Mladen Jelaca commenting at a special event held to mark the occasion of decade of operation said: “We are extremely proud of what has been achieved during these past 10 years. Through planned investments, and the skill and determination of our workforce, the foundations for a long-term, sustainable successful business have been laid. In doing this, we have also successfully made health and safety and Social Responsibility core elements of how we work; and we are as proud of our achievements in those areas as we are of our commercial success.”

Mr. Mlade Jelaca – Deliver what you have promised to the victims of the Omarska concentration camp – only then ArcelorMittal can say that it is successful in 10 years of work

Mr. Mlade Jelaca,

We are now writing you this letter as we find your partaking regarding the former concentration camp of Omarska unacceptable and completely immoral. As you will not respond to the previous letters we find a letter at the time you mark the occasion of decade of operation of ArcelorMittal to be the only possible way to gain your attention.

ArcelorMittal has withdrawn its commitment to finance the building of the memorial, stating in February of 2006 that it is ‘temporarily suspending’ the Omarska memorial project. In addition, ArcelorMittal has also started denying victims access to the site. On behalf of the victims of genocide in Prijedor who live in North America and many of whom were tortured in a concentration, death camp Omarska, the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada {IGC} once again warns: Your current policy regarding Omarska is irresponsible, dangerous, and amounts to a policy of appeasement and genocide denial which leads to a perpetual crisis that endangers the stability of the entire Southeast Europe region. IGC strongly urges you to exercise corporate responsibility and deliver what you have promised to the victims of the Omarska concentration camp.

IGC will continue to inform the political authorities of USA and Canada and the organizations for the protection of Human Rights and Freedoms of your humiliation of victims of genocide in Prijedor.

Professor Emir Ramic
The Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada {IGC}