Historic ruling by the Netherlands’ Court


Press Release Regarding the Dutch Supreme Court Ruling on Srebrenica

Today’s historic ruling by the Netherlands’ Supreme Court is a major step towards justice for Srebrenica genocide victims and their families. The case was brought forward by Hasan Nuhanovic, an interpreter who lost his brother and father, and relatives of Rizo Mustafic, an electrician who was killed. These men were among thousands who sought refuge in the UN compound at Potocari, but were instead turned over by Dutch troops to the Serbs who were already executing mass murders of Bosniak civilians in what would become known and internationally recognized as the Srebrenica genocide. During the genocide, the Bosnian Serbs and the Serbian army executed more than 8,372 civilians, separating out men and boys as thousands were refused safety by the United Nations troops. The judge ruled that the Dutch troops are liable for failing to protect these civilians and must pay compensation to the victims’ families.

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 Justice – belatedly. “The Dutch State is liable for the deaths of three Muslim men from Srebrenica .”

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 Press Release issued by Truth and Justice for Srebrenica

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