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Urgent require suspension of Vuk Jeremic



Letter of the Bosniak Organisations in North America to the UN Secretary-General regarding unacceptable behavior by Vuk Jeremic

Mr. Secretary, as citizens of the world, and survivors of genocide, we hereby ask that you immediately remove this provocative and hurtful song from all websites associated with the United Nations. We further ask that an official inquiry be made regarding the organization of this event, and to ensure full accountability of those responsible for adding this song to the program. We also ask that you immediately suspend Mr. Vuk Jeremić from his role as the President of the 67th Session of the United Nations General Assembly. As a supporter of this fascist song, and a proponent of extreme nationalism, Mr. Vuk Jeremić is no longer fit to serve as President of the United Nations General Assembly.

Because of the shameful role of the United Nations in the genocide committed by Serb forces in cities across Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is imperative that the United Nations rights the wrongs and rejects all elements of Serb ultra-nationalism, and sends a clear message that hatred and provocation of genocide victims will not be tolerated.

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