Shame on International League of Humanists

Shame on you!

As a Bosnian citizen I was subjected to, witnessed and survived the atrocities committed by the state of Serbia. As a Canadian citizen, seconded to the United Nations Mission to Kosovo in the role of a civilian expert and as ex‐patriot, I witnessed the impact and implications of Serbian aggression and invasion of Kosovo during 1999‐ 2002. As a recipient of the Canadian Peacekeeping Medal for exceptional effort and contribution to peace, stability and democracy for all citizens of Kosovo including the members of the orthodox faith, I take the liberty of denouncing the golden plaque issued by your organization to the Mayor of Prijedor.

Bedrija Hromic’s response to the President, International League of Humanists to recent activities regarding the alleged award to the Mayor of Prijedor

Bedrija Hromic’s response to the President of the International League of Humanists

Bedria Hromic and Elisabeth Rehn

Bedria Hromic and Elisabeth Rehn