Hon. Katrin Bornmüller in the Team of IGC


The Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada is proud to inform that Hon. Katrin Bornmüller, Honorary President of the German Section of for the International Society for Human Rights {ISHR}, is a member of the International Expert Team of the Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada {IGC}.

The International Society for Human Rights is a humanitarian, non-governmental human rights organization that supports individuals working toward the nonviolent realization of basic human rights and giving aid to political prisoners as well as victims of political, religious, or ethical persecution. Humanitarian aid creates trust and is therefore a critical component of our operation. The Wittlich chapter of ISHR is primarily committed to humanitarian aid: between 1980 and 1990, it sent relief packages and 18-wheelers full of humanitarian aid to the GDR (former East Germany), to Romania, to Solidarnosc (“Solidarity” trade union) in Poland, and to persecuted Christians and members of the Charter 77 group in former Czechoslovakia. The founder of ISHR-Wittlich and team spokesperson, Katrin Bornmueller, has also been Chairperson of the German chapter of ISHR since April 2005 now she is Honorary Chairman of the German Section.

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